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Join our next kilt walk 

Would you like to help us raise awareness and funds for Neil’s Hugs Foundation?
Contact us as we have some 50% discounts off entry fee’s available Don’t miss out. https://www.thekiltwalk.co.uk/

Its OK to talk 

There is now a man to a man support group in the Stradbroke partnership center room:gp3 at 6:30 every second Wednesday. 


we know it can be difficult but it ok to talk  

A look back at 2018 and staring 2019 with a bang !!!

Here is a selection of things that have been happening over the last year with Neil’s Hugs Foundation, working with West Lothian College Students, meeting MP’s and local councilors, raising money at the kilt walk & bag packs, raising awareness every chance we get. Thank you all for your amazing support.


Christmas party at Grand Central 

This year we are having a snowball Christmas party and grand central for 7 pm to 12 am tickets will be sold at £6.50  

for more information mail our new facebook page this can be found by clicking the facebook logo at the top right of the home page

The candy cafe is back again !!!!

The Candy Cafe is a sweet shop selling a range of traditional sweets such as strawberry bon bons, fudge, jelly babies, soor plooms etc from 12 pm to 1 pm on Thursdays in weeks 8,9, and 10.


Level 5 business students are running the project where all profits will go towards the charity.

West Lothing College year start of with a bang

student all over the country are back from the summer holidays as we know a group of students at West Lothian college  did a lot a great work for us last year well we are extremely excited to say that they have started with a bang six weeks in and they have already started running some fantastic events.


With the NC level 5 running the candy caffe that was very successful last year and the HNC event class have planed a facebook lunch party ( get your tickets here ) to see all upcoming event go see our new event calendar it can be found by hovering over the what is going on page 

Super dodgeball  success 

Yet another amazingly pulled of event ran by level 4 and 5  NC business Students. This event was held in West Lothian Colleges sport and fitness hall the Students had a short time slot to work with but still managed to get a good number of games played and most importantly it helped spread awareness of the work that we do.


With only one event still to come, we are looking forward to it hopefully it will be as successful as the past events to end an amazing year at college for these students we would like to thank them for all their amazing work     

Partnership in the making

Message from Donna

The second team of the West Lothian College level 4 and 5 NC business management class ran the second event out of 4 "team Keith" ran a success open mic event featuring a local raper form West Lothian College and Scotish Rapper A-macc (Andrew Malcolmson). We would like to thank the leader of "team Keith" Victoria for making this all happen throughout this event she showed dedication and great leadership even willing to travel to Glasgow to pick up A-macc. 


One of the most important outcomes of this event was that we made a link with Andrew who runs events and does a lot of similar work to us through in Glasgow so we are looking forward what our future has to come with him     


If you are interested in taking part in a fun day out and raising funds for a great cause, why not join our team for the Edinburgh Kiltwalk on Sunday, September 16th, 2018.

50% discount available for the first 50 people. If you would like a discount on your entry to contact us by email for the discount code. 





if you have a spare couple of hours we are looking for volunteers for a bag pack to raise funds for us.


Date Sunday 12th August 2018

Place Morrison’s Livingston 

From 10-4pm 


Please contact us by email letting us know when you could help out and we will get back to you ASAP. 


Thank you for your support


West Lothian College business students run sponsored walk  

last week West Lothian College NQ Business Management level 4 and 5 ran there first of 4 events. The first team's event was a big success raising over £100. The exact figure is yet to be confirmed. Other events still to come is a car wash that will be held at the college on the Thursday 7th June 2018 also still to come is an open mic event hosted by a level 5 student who has arranged for local Scottish rapper to come and perform.

We are on the map!

Our support group has recently been posted on google maps hopefully this will make us easier to find remember our support group is open the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month if you would like further information or telephone support please contact Donna on 07446717501 or email neilshugsfoundation@Gmail.com   

Neil's hugs team"s up with local business students 

The Neil’s hugs foundation has recently partnered up with West Lothian College NQ Business Management level 4 and 5 classes. As a part of their course, they have to organize an event and we were fortunate to be chosen as their key charity.  The classes have been split into four teams and will run four different events with the purpose of raising awareness of the charities aims.


Also as a part of this opportunity, our website is going through a massive uplift you will notice over the next few weeks!!!!!

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